The definitions in the "Handbook" do not take into account infillings by gefuric or chitonic-gefuric material. Therefore the key does not match completely the definitions of the Handbook. Four main types are distinguished based on fabric and homogeneity.

1. the filling material has either a coarse monic, enaulic or loose chitonic c/f r.d., or consists of non-accommodating peds (especially granules or crumbs), and is homogeneously distributed in the void: loose continuous infilling

2. other infillings of the same type, but with some voids considerably larger than the expected packing voids: loose discontinuous infilling

3. other infilling filling the void completely (including gefuric and chitonic-gefuric materials): dense complete infilling

4. others infillings: dense incomplete infillings


Note: the infilling material may consist of other pedofeatures, e.g. excrements, crystals, overdeveloped coatings, which have to be described as such.