Although only the term coating will be used, this key serves also for hypo- and quasi-coatings. Seven main subtypes are distinguished based on type of surface affected and arrangement.

1. continuous (sub)horizontal thick (more than some mm) coatings at the surface of the soil: crusts

2. other continuous (sub)horizontal coatings but in the soil and less than 2 mm thick: internal crust

3. other coatings on top (if undisturbed) of larger constituents or peds, and linking them: link cappings

4. other coatings as above, but not interlinking the coarser constituents or peds: cappings

5. other coatings (mainly of calcite, gypsum or soluble salt) present below (if undisturbed) a larger soil constituent: pendants

6. other coating (mainly textural) in voids becoming considerably thicker at one side of the pore and showing there a crescentlike internal fabric: crescent coatings

7. other coatings : typic coatings