Edafología. Volumen 7-3. Septiembre 2000. pág 197-207.

Curvas de pF en Vertisoles del sur de España


Pérez Blanco, E*.; Asensio, C**.; Iriarte, A.***; Ortega, E.*

* Departamento Edafología y Quimica Agrícola. Facultad de Farmacia. Universidad de Granada

** Departamento Edafología y Química Agrícola. Escuela Politécnica Superior. Universidad de Almería

*** Departamento de Suelos. Estación Experimental del Zaidin. C.S.I.C. Granada




Water role in genesis and agricultural behavior of Vertisols importance is the motive that has induced to the execution of this study, which analyzed the existing relations among different values of pF and the gravimétric water content in epipedons and underlayer horizons of Vertisols in Malaga province.

It has been tested that water retention curves related to the depth follow exponential equations of type Y = a · 10(-10 Pw). The field capacity values fluctuate in between 32.8 and 30.5%, at 10 and 20 cm depth, while for the wilting point that occurs in between 21.2 and 20% at 10 and 50 cm depth respectively.

Key word: Vertisol pF curve, Water in Vertisol from Andalusia



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