Publicada por la Sociedad Española de la Ciencia del Suelo


Volumen 8-2. Agosto 2001. pág 45-56.



SEIS.net: Sistema Español de Información de Suelos en Internet


D. de la Rosa (1), F. Mayol (1), M. Fernández (1), D. Moreno (1), J. Ruíz (1), J.A. Moreno (1), A. Rosales (1), V. Castillo (1), F. Moreno (1), F. Cabrera (1), I. Girón (1), R. Cordón (1), E. Díaz-Pereira (1), J. Sánchez (2), J.C. Colomer (2), C. Añó (2), L. Recatalá (2), J. Antoine (3), S. Masui (3), R. Brinkman (3) , R. Horn (4), N. Prange (4)


(1) CSIC, Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología, Reina Mercedes 10, 41012-Sevilla

(2) CSIC, Centro de Investigación de la Desertificación, Albal, 46470-Valencia

(3) FAO, Servicio de Manejo de Tierras, Via di Caracalla, 00100-Roma

(4) UCA, Instituto de Nutrición de Plantas y Ciencia del Suelo, Olshausenstr 40, 24118-Kiel



Abstract. SEIS.net: the Spanish Soil Infomation System on the Internet (Sistema Español de Información de Suelos en Internet) gathers the results of three different research Projects, MIMAM-CSIC, FAO-CSIC and SIDASS, all co-ordinated by the MicroLEIS group of IRNAS during the 1999-2001 period. Many of the information available on the current state of soil quality and soil degradation in Spain has been collected and turned into a working tool with the use of state of the art information and communication technologies. This information system works in three different levels, and going from the general to the specific, these are: Level #1, First Approach to Spanish Soils; Level #2, Digital Atlas of Soil Regions; and Level #3, On-line Soil Data Base. All three levels are easily accessible through the following Internet address: Http://leu.irnase.csic.es/mimam/seisnet.htm, free of charge. SEIS.net can be a very handy working tool for decision making bodies such as public administration officials, soil experts or users when dealing with issues on conservation and use of Spanish soils under a sustainable development strategy.

Key words: Soil information system, information technology, quality and degradation of spanish soils, sustainable development, databases, GIS.


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